New Video! Calipro: calibrating complex models

Approximately 2 years ago, my lab was firmly entrenched in what we now refer to as ‘calibration hell’. Each of us, myself included, was caught in a near-endless cycle of attempting to calibrate new mathematical models to diverse temporal datasets. This process ended up taking months (yes, in some cases months) of manual effort. WeContinue reading “New Video! Calipro: calibrating complex models”

Tangential thoughts about a Multi-Model Thinker

I spent the first few days of this Michigan spring in the front lawn reading a book which has sat on my shelf for the better part of two years.  While I am only a few chapters in, the book has already presented several interesting points within the context of modeling and data analysis.  InContinue reading “Tangential thoughts about a Multi-Model Thinker”

New Research paper: “Tracking whole-lung M. tuberculosis infection”

Recently, I co-first authored a paper with several members of my two labs (I am co-mentored by both Dr. Denise Kirschner and Dr. Jennifer Linderman).  In this work, which was published in PLoS Computational Biology, we present a computational, multi-scale model of granuloma formation and dissemination within monkey lungs.  In Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, granulomas areContinue reading “New Research paper: “Tracking whole-lung M. tuberculosis infection””